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About Us 

Maureen Ballatori and Craig Webster spent years fleshing out the idea of Metro Collective to do something that’s important to them – support the growing businesses in Upstate NY.

The Heartbeat.

Shared space communities like incubators, coworking spaces, and multi-use buildings are growing wildly in popularity. But how do you make them a thriving and inspiring place to be?

You can bring people together and hope they spark… or, you can activate spaces for like-minded people to find creative collisions. Metro Collective has created unique community management tools to help you activate your shared space community.

We bring the heartbeat.

The Ideators: Maureen Ballatori + Craig Webster

Maureen Ballatori Craig Webster

It started with an idea. Two entrepreneurs wanted to help the people in shared space communities get more out of their memberships in coworking spaces, incubators, and multi-use buildings.

And by utilizing their shared workspaces to meet more people, have affordable workspace, and find a support system, budding entrepreneurs would be able to grow their business. Remote workers would deepen their relationships in their community. Good things would happen.

As cowork owner/operators, Maureen and Craig know what it takes to bring the culture, bring the community, bring the heartbeat to a space. So they leveraged their unique backgrounds and joined forces to support shared workspace operators all over Upstate NY.

Maureen is the founder + CEO of 29 Design Studio, a creative agency for food, beverage and agriculture brands.

Craig is CEO of Webster Ventures and a partner in many ventures under that umbrella mostly involving real estate including Webster Properties, Luxury Vacation Rentals, and The Men’s Room Barber Lounge & Spa.

Together, Maureen and Craig own Port 100 Cowork, a coworking space with locations in the Finger Lakes (Geneva) and downtown Rochester.

Hire Us to Consult on Your Project

Community Support Wizard: Madison McIntee

What doesn’t she do!? Madison keeps us running smoothly every day at Metro Collective.

With a background in entrepreneurial studies, Madison has a knack for connecting with members in various communities.

She supports Metro Collective’s events with partner organizations and she knows our virtual community platform inside and out!

Madison also manages a coworking community and manages a multi-use building so to say she understands the industry would be an understatement.

Community Support Wizard: Mary Wilson

Mary supports the marketing for Metro Collective. She gets the word out for events, member news, community news, and answers questions from our community!

Mary also helps manage relationships with Metro Collective partners and community managers.

Together is Better