Fireside Chat with Jenn Smith: Startups, Economic Development and Access to Funding.

**Jenn Smith joined the Chat** We were thrilled to welcome Jenn Smith, Director of Grow-NY, to Startup Grind Rochester and Metro Collective’s May Fireside Chat. 💬🔥 The chat took place in-person at Port 100 Cowork Rochester on May 19th at noon. Jenn talked with Maureen Ballatori, co-founder of Metro Collective and founder/CEO of 29 Design Studio.

Grow-NY is an international food and agriculture business competition focused on growing an enduring food and ag innovation cluster in the Grow-NY region of Upstate NY. Jenn has an extensive background in developing and implementing business strategies, articulating brands, telling stories, and optimizing community and customer engagement. 

During the chat, Jenn and Maureen touched on: