Impact of Decision Making: The Crossroads of Success or Failure

When you enter a crossroads in your life, often you may feel overwhelmed. The hardest part is taking those first few steps. Gary Friedman, author and speaker, and Marie Rachelle, freelance business coach, held a workshop on October 27th, 2021, to give some pointers on how to take those first few steps. You will learn different approaches to successful decision making in business.

Gary Friedman’s life-long experiences include business executive, personal counselor, coach and manager within the federal government. He has been an observer of human potential and the dynamics of communication throughout his careers. Gary has written three inspirational novels in The Shepherd Chronicles series, and recently released a fourth novel, Stones and Glass Houses, using his characters to demonstrate the impact of the promises people make and facing the crossroads they encounter with courage.

Marie Rachelle is the Swiss Army knife of all things freelance, community building, public relations, and digital marketing/social media. As a full-time freelancer for over a decade, she is a consultant, speaker, and freelance business coach.