Maximizing Social Media + Email Engagement with Port 100 Cowork

In a sea of demands for attention from cat memes, TikTok dances, and politics, maximizing social media and email engagement is super important and extremely beneficial when done correctly. In this event, attendees picked up some tips and tricks to make their social media presence stand out.  We talked about:

Our presenter, Maureen Ballatori is the Founder & CEO of 29 Design Studio, a Metro Collective Partner, and a strategic marketing guru. She joined us on March 30, 2020 to lead an awesome session on social media and email engagement.

The event was presented in collaboration with Hobart and William Smith Colleges Center for Community Engagement & Service-Learning. It was great to see so many students and community members actively participating in this event. 

If you missed this conversation on maximizing social media and email engagement, don’t worry! Linked below is the recording, so you can hear all about these tips and tricks for students and small businesses.