The TRUth About Real Estate in 2021 with TruAgent

Despite the world being hit hard by COVID-19 in 2020, the housing market is recovering from the economic impacts of the pandemic as home buyers have made a swift comeback. Inventory remains at a record low while the demand is incredibly high. Homebuyers are currently facing an extremely competitive U.S. housing market.

On June 2nd, 2021, Maureen Ballatori, Metro Collective partner and Founder and CEO of 29 Design Studio facilitated a panel discussion with Pete Zizzi and Ryan Smith. Pete is a full-time Realtor, Broker Owner, team leader, Licensed NYS Broker associate with TRU AGENT Real Estate in Rochester NY.  Ryan has been a full-time Realtor in the Greater Rochester area since 2008 and is a partner of TRU AGENT Real Estate.

During this panel discussion, we learned from our experts:

-The current buyer and seller’s market

-What it takes to list a house in the market during these unprecedented times

-How to have the best hand when making an offer

-How to prepare your house before selling it

-The forecast of the future real estate market.