Why would becoming a Metro Collective partner benefit you?

Promoting yourself and your business can seem like a daunting task. Metro Collective is uniquely positioned to help you achieve this through our dynamic networks. Being a partner with Metro Collective will give your business direct exposure to hundreds of Collective members and community members that are located throughout the ROC and FLX regions. 

Getting your name out to nearby businesses and engaging with your communities can go a long way toward building rapport with your potential customers.

Ways to Partner with Metro Collective

Offer a perk to our community

Want to introduce new customers to your business and build customer loyalty? We have the solution for you! Partner with us by providing a special offer to our community members that will encourage them to do business with you.

Your perk will be posted on our private member portal for our community to have access to. Through this partnership, your brand will reach hundreds of people within our community and far more in our extended network, helping increase your brand’s awareness. Tap into our network and become a part of our journey to connect Upstate NY communities. 

Partner on an event series

We often get caught up in texting, emails, and social media, forgetting the strength that face-to-face interactions have. Engaging with a tight-knit community is an excellent way to build meaningful relationships with clients and to grow your brand. This can be difficult to accomplish with limited budgets, never-ending to-do lists, and a shortage of introductions. Partnering on an event series with Metro Collective can help alleviate these challenges.

Whether you come to us with an idea or come seeking inspiration, we would love to collaborate with you to co-host an event. Co-hosting an event with Metro Collective will facilitate natural interaction with mutual clients and make it possible for you to meet new clients. Partnered events can have a much larger impact than if an event were organized by one company alone. Co-hosting events is an incredibly valuable marketing tool, and we have the tools and experience to help achieve success. 

Events can be on a monthly or quarterly cycle, or we can partner on a single event. Events are not solely member-exclusive; community members outside of our collective have the opportunity to partake in our events and they can be free or we can charge a fee.

Together is Better