Promote Your Shared Space

It takes a lot to activate a shared space community like an incubator, coworking space, or multi-use building. How do you make your space a thriving, buzzing, and inspiring place to be?

Enter: Metro Collective’s community! Access a public and private virtual community platform, exclusive events, special offers, and trusted resources. 

Metro Collective Virtual Community

Sign up to be Powered by Metro and we’ll create a private community on our platform for your group members. The best part is that your members will also be able to connect with other individuals in the network, naturally helping them grow and thrive.

Signature Events

We’ve brought in speakers from The Walt Disney Company, authors of best-selling books, founders of multi-million dollar companies, and more. Members of spaces that are Powered by Metro enjoy free/discounted rates to exclusive events you can’t find anywhere else.

Partners of Metro Collective can also collaborate with us to put on a signature event series.

Robust Elevated Marketing

Social Media. Email. Events. Blog posts. When you’re running a shared space community, it takes a lot of time to effectively market your space.

Let us handle the promotion and marketing of your space in collaboration with your community manager, and you’ll get a superboost to your member engagement!

Pricing varies based on activities needed.

Ready to Activate Your Shared Space Community?

We want to help! We can host your virtual community on our membership platform, help promote your location with events, and help market your space overall. Contact us to talk more about how we can help you activate your shared space community.


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